How Xrebate Works

Cash Back Earning

Earning back a portion of your purchases as cash back is straightforward. Choose a product at xrebates, click the shopping link to be directed to an affiliated store's website, and complete a purchase to earn cash back on your net purchase amount. Additionally, to earn cash back, you must complete your purchase during the same shopping session you start after clicking on the link at xrebates. If you visit other sites before completing your purchase, your purchase may get associated with a service other than xrebates and you might not earn cash back on your purchase from xrebates. Make sure your 'cookies' are enabled before you purchase to record your purchase.

Payment Schedule

To receive payment of accrued cash back, you must create an account with your email address at which you are able to receive email at xrebates. We pay our members in U.S. dollars via check or Paypal. The minimum payment amount is $5.00. We reserve the right to delay payment for any purchase based on changes to our affiliate store policies and procedures at any time. Our payment schedule is give below:

Purchase Period Payment Date
Jan 1-Mar 31 May 10 - May 15
Apr 1-June 30 Aug 10 - Aug 15
July 1-Sept 30 Nov 10 - Nov 15
Oct 1-Dec 31 Feb 10 - Feb 15

Get Your Cashback

Along with your name, and email address, in the message box, please provide: Order Number, Purchase Price, Purhcase Date and Product Name, so we can credit your account with the appropriate cashback you earned and notify you.